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Anxiety Disorders

We all experience anxiety, worry, or stress throughout our lives. When anxiety becomes a disorder is when its various forms disrupt our daily lives and functioning at work or home. Common types include generalized anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders, social anxieties or phobias.

Mood Disorders

People feel sad and lonely at times as well as feel the profound sadness of grief, all of which are normal in our lives. Moods which disrupt our lives include serious depressions which seem to cycle throughout our lives, bipolar episodes which can include manic episodes and depressive episodes, single serious depressions (even when life in general is okay), as well as mixtures of depression and anxiety. Depressions can become severe enough to cause suicidal thinking or even have psychotic symptoms.

Medication Management vs. Psychotherapy

Our physicians, who are Psychiatric specialists, can work with multiple disorders to treat them with a wide spectrum of medications to help manage and stabilize the conditions and help maintain stability over  time. Many times there are situations in our lives in which we should seek help from a psychotherapist who is trained to help us establish a new direction in the ways we cope with issues or conflicts or more productive ways to manage our lives, our goals, and our relationships.  Research has shown that the combination of medication management AND psychotherapy can solidify the recovery from the disorders we may be experiencing.

Other Disorders

Attention Deficit Disorder, which affects Adults and Children, whether in a school or work situation, or even when trying to organize our own lives.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which affects a multitude of people who have experienced traumas and extreme stresses above and beyond what we would normally expect to experience in our lives.

Alcohol or substance abuse, many times occurring with mood and anxiety disorders.

Changes when our brains may be damaged by injury or by deteriorative changes.

Psychiatric Associates of Arkansas consists of two highly experienced Board Certified Psychiatrists who work with you to manage your illnesses through medication management. We also have several experienced psychotherapists who are available to work with you within the same office suite.

Our physicians have areas of interest including disorders of mood (like depression and bipolar disorder), anxiety, thought, aging, attention deficit disorders, and mixed conditions including those involving alcohol or drug abuse or addiction. ECT treatment is also available.

Our psychotherapists will work with you through cognitive and behavioral therapies and in their areas of interest (see their profiles). We will evaluate your symptoms, help you manage your condition, and work with you to achieve your goals for hope, stability, and productivity.

Contact Us

Contact us for evaluations regarding any of the conditions on this page or any other condition in which you feel that you do not have the control over your moods and thoughts the way you want. Talk to your Primary Care Physician about it. We will work with you to try to improve a realistic improvement in your level of functioning.

Patient Services

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